An Exclusive Q&A with Évocateur's Barbara Innamorati (Part 2)

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Évocateur designs reflect a love of the traditional and ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. We had an exclusive Q&A exchange with the designer and owner, Barbara Innamorati, where we talked about the origin of Évocateur’s gold leaf designs and explored Barbara’s brilliant mind, from her inspirations to guilty pleasures. To start from Part 1, click here.

Barbara At Evocateur Showcase


Q: What did you have for breakfast?

A: Yogurt and coffee


Q: Anything to drink? (daytime/evening)

A: Proseco.


Q: What’s your exercise regimen?

A: I take cardio and strength classes at my local gym. During nice weather, I also like to hike.


Q: Shhh.. Tell us your guilty pleasures...

A: Gummy bears - all colors and flavors.


Q: Tell us about the single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of:

A: My 3 inch cuff I designed with images of bugs and beetles - it gets a lot of attention.

Beetle Bangle


Q: If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing?

A: Probably traveling the world.


Q: What book are you currently reading?

A: The Immortalists By Chloe Benjamin.


Q: And a book you’ve been meaning to get to?

A: The Shipping News by Annie Proulx (want to reread it!)


Q: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

A: Out of Africa.


Q: Who would play you in your life story?

A: Laura Linney.


Q: What do you miss the most about your hometown?

A: I am from the suburbs of Chicago, and at times I miss the friendliness and slower pace of the Midwest.


Q: What do you love the most about living in Connecticut?

A: Love the water (Long Island Sound) and the physical beauty of the state, but also love the proximity to NYC.


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